Can Raccoons Open Windows and Doors?

The raccoon is a pest from a Providence mammal family, as it´s active at night; it can also be described as a nocturnal mammal. Its usual whereabouts are in the vicinity of human homes and it prefers urban surroundings to rural. The pests are usually looking for the easiest way to get to food, water and a place where they can build a home. All of these components can be found near human settlements, therefore in raccoon´s mind humans home is the perfect place to build a nest. However, humans, on the other hand, would disagree, strongly. The raccoon´s weight is usually in the vicinity of 15-30 pounds and in the areas near human homes it can even weigh up to 60 pounds. They are omnivorous and would gladly eat eggs, fish, and all kind of insects, different fruits, nuts and even small mammals. They are 20-30 inches long with gray-brown fur, bushy tail and masked face that beautifully compliments to its personality. As these little creatures are the thieves extraordinaire, things literally need to be locked up when they are around. The Rhode Island raccoon is also a very intelligent, willing and capable of great adaptation, living whether in rural or enjoying the company of the men in urban areas.

This pesky little creature is looking for its food mainly at night near trees, in piles of the bush, human homes, crawl spaces, sewers and barn lofts, where its den is usually built. Raccoon´s intelligence could be easily compared to our pet´s intelligence and with their little hands, they can be pretty much unstoppable. As every other pest, they are the Providence creatures of habits as well. They exactly know where they can find good food and remember where the best possible shelters are. If they are living in human houses they will probably nest somewhere away from them in their attics, chimneys or even in walls. All they are looking for some peace and quiet to raise their young. Unfortunately, in the meantime, they create a lot of rackets and can cause a lot of trouble to the owners.

How does the Rhode Island raccoon get into the house?
As mentioned before these animals are extremely intelligent and they can open doors and windows in order to get into your house. Another possibility to enter the Providence house is also through a pet door. If a raccoon smells pet food on the other side of the door it will certainly enter your home. Due to its highly developed sense of smell and strong tendency towards exploration a bowl of pet food on the other side of the door presents too big of a challenge. In order to get what it wants, the raccoon will use its efficient little hands. According to professionals, the raccoon can open, rip apart or even unseal almost any obstacle on the way to its desired object. This animal is bold and fearless and that is why the only option possible to get it out of the way is entrapment and relocation.

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