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What Can Rodents Climb?

Rodents are very good climber and can climb almost anything unless the surface is very smooth like that of a house wall finished with plaster and a paint coating which makes it quite soft. If the surface of the wall is rough, a Providence rodent would probably be able to climb it. Rodents climbing ability is quite impressive. Their feet are especially adapted so they can leap and climb, from trees, walls, wires, any wood surface, bricks, stucco, carpets, PVC pipes, cardboard, sheet rock, drainpipes and downspouts, some types of aluminum, and any other surface area that is not perfectly smooth.

Understanding the climbing ability of Providence rodents
To understand why rodents are very agile at climbing requires looking at the anatomy of their claws. They have sharp claws at the end of their fingers known as dexterous phalanges. They have five claws on each foot and with four feet; these claws give them the possibility to grip on the tiniest of imperfection on any type of surface. Being agile climber is the reason why Rhode Island rodents can often be found in home even when the house seems to be completely free of access point. They may probably have found an access on the roof which had been ignored. It is also the reason why they can access dumpsters that seems to be made of metal. Their capability to climb and jump gives them an advantage. They not only can climb but also are fast. The common house mouse can reach a speed of 13km/hrs.

Why do rodents climb?
Rodents that live in urban Providence areas need a suitable hiding place from humans and other predators. Climbing comes naturally to a rodent, their anatomy is designed as such, but they will often climb to seek a food source or adequate shelter. Squirrel often like to live on trees and eat different grains and would only come to the ground if there is suitable food or to make their way for one location to another if that cannot be undertaken from one tree to another. Rats and mice on the contrary besides digging holes find it essential of climbing various obstacles having the capability of doing so with agility. If seeking to keep Rhode Island rodents out of the property, it is necessary to remember that they are excellent climbers and can access points very high, therefore preventive measures should include taking care of any access point regardless whether it is very high on the roof of the property or just some feet near ground level. Rodents therefore are born climbers and have the anatomy for climbing any type of surface. They will not hesitate to use their skill when searching for food or shelter regardless of the environment.

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